Financial Relief Resources for San Diego Businesses & Nonprofit Organizations

Below is a listing of several grants, loans and other funding vehicles available for qualified San Diego businesses and/or nonprofits.  Be aware that some of these programs may have already closed the request for funds but keep in mind some are going to have two or more rounds of offering funds.  All information shared is subject to change based on the organization offering the financial relief support.

San Diego-based Offerings​

State/National/International Offerings

Financial Tips A Guide to COVID-19 and Your Finances: What You Need to Know

Alignable 16 Creative Funding Resources Your Small Business Should Use


PR/Crisis Communications Resources


Fundraising Resources

Cancelling Your Event  

      -  Should I cancel my event? COVID-19 Event Assessment Guide

      -  Controlling the message - Communication with your Event Attendees

      -  Refund Policy - Converting Cancellations to Donations

Saving your Event

     -  How to have a successful event amid COVID-19

     -  Event Safety Infographic Poster

     -  Emergency Operations and Communication Plan

     - Keeping Event Staff and Attendees Safe

     -  Social media & marketing resources

Alternative Fundraising Ideas

     - Exploring alternative fundraising options during COVID-19

     - Important COVID-19 Information Social media templates:

     - Event Safety Infographics & ready to use social media graphics